1. Airlocktronics
  2. SATRx- Sub Label
    New York, New York
  3. Bot Records
    New York, New York
  4. Blotnik Brothers
  5. A1 People
    London, UK
  6. Boris Divider
  7. Decal
    Dublin, Ireland
  8. Bytecon
  9. Exzakt
    Miami, Florida
  10. illecktrolab
  11. Lowfish
  12. Nel Spragg / Sir Real
    Birmingham, UK
  13. Silicon Scally / Carl Finlow
    Paris, France
  14. Umwelt
    Lyon, France
  15. middle men / bass junkie
    London, UK
  16. Unn / roadking
  17. Transparent Sound
    London, UK
  18. Metroneem
    Dublin, Ireland
  19. E.M.S.
    New York, New York
  20. Bolz Bolz
  21. Freezie Freekie
    New York, New York
  22. Heuristic Audio
    London, UK
  23. Scape One
    Brighton, UK


Satamile Records New York, New York

Satamile Records was formed in the very early 90's rave scene of NYC. Since then it has been the longest running electro label in NYC. Satamile is devoted to taking the best elements from the past and pushing to form a new hybrid for the future. Satamile has done over 400+ techno events in NYC alone. A label that puts people behind its music and realizes the importance of our new techno culture. ... more

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